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Social Responsibility

Corporate citizenship is very important to us at Unison, and we believe that there’s more to a business than just profit. That’s why we try our best help make the world a better place by supporting causes we believe in on both a local and global scale.


Homes of Hope Ensenada 2017

Established in 1990, Homes of Hope has built thousands of homes for families in need. We are very proud to have participated once again to help out a young family in need.


Unison: Kenya 2016

With the kindness and generosity of numerous wedding guests and corporate sponsors, Unison was able to collect more than $13,000 in donations as well as gifts to benefit Duncan's community in Soin, Kenya.

Duncan Koech.JPG

Duncan's Community

Since 2012, Ryan Sayer, the Principal of Unison, and his wife have been sponsoring Duncan. Duncan and his family reside in Soin, a small village in Kenya where residents struggle just to meet their fundamental needs. For the Sayer’s wedding, in lieu of receiving personal gifts, they are instead urging friends and family to donate to benefit Duncan’s community.


Homes of Hope 2015

Shelter is something that we take for granted in a first world country like Canada, however less developed parts of the world, getting a roof over your head can be a struggle. Homes of Hope builds homes for families in need by utilizing teams of volunteers to fund and build homes. During the summer of 2015, Unison Construction Management funded and sent down team members in order to positively impact less fortunate areas of the world and provide the opportunity for Unison employees to help out a family in need.