Soin, Kenya - Duncan's Village

The Principal of Unison, Ryan Sayer, and his wife, Kerrie, have been sponsoring Duncan, a child from the village of Soin in rural Kenya, through World Vision since 2012. Unison recently took the opportunity to help the global community by collecting donations in lieu of gifts for the Sayer's wedding in July 2016.

With the kindness and generosity of numerous wedding guests and corporate sponsors, Unison was able to collect more than $13,000 in donations as well as gifts to benefit the village of Soin, where the Sayer's also visited Duncan and his family during their honeymoon. Working collaboratively with representatives from World Vision and the village elders, the couple put the fund towards a new pharmaceutical dispensary for the village and to the local school, and thus, in a way supported the long term prosperity of the village and all of its 21,000 residents.


Umoja, Kenya

Located in the county of Samburu, Umoja is a women-only village acting as a sanctuary for homeless survivors of violence against women and girls running away from forced marriages. While passing through, the Sayer's noticed that the village's water tank was broken and residents were walking miles to fetch water from a dirty river. With only $15 in parts and some elbow grease, they fixed and filled the water tank. Unison is proud to be covering the monthly costs of refilling the village's water tank and hope the best for the women of Umoja.