Over the Remembrance Day long weekend, the Unison team headed down to Ensenada, Mexico as part of the Homes of Hope program to build a home for a deserving young family in need. 

Homes of Hope was established in 1990 and since then has transformed the lives of more than 5,300 families in impoverished areas of over 21 different countries. With an initial focus in Mexico, the construction of homes for families have been funded by teams of volunteers both monetarily and in the form of time and labour. Families are selected on a strict criterion to ensure the ones who truly need a home are selected.

The two parents, Ignacio (21) and Cintia (23), are struggling with two young children, making a living by selling churros on the street. With a combined income of $78/week, it was enough for them to scrape up enough money to buy land but not enough to build a safe and sanitary home. Their previous home was made out of any building supplies they could afford or managed to come across, leaving the family exposed to the elements.

The Unison team is proud to be a part of a dream come true.