Homes of Hope was established in 1990 and since then has transformed the lives of more than 5,300 families in impoverished areas of 21 different countries. With an initial focus in Mexico, the constructions of homes for families are funded by teams of volunteers both monetarily and in the form of time and labour. Families are selected on a strict criterion to ensure the ones who truly need a home are selected.

Last summer in 2015, Unison funded and flew down some team members along with the Principal in order to use our labour and knowledge of construction to positively benefit a family in need.

Shelter is a fundamental need for humans and something that is taken for granted in a first world country like Canada. Being in the business of construction, we truly felt that there needs to be a balance in the construction of commercial spaces along with residential spaces for families to reside in.

We’re proud to have funded and built the home for the Vazquez family and hope it serves them well for years to come.