Since 2012, the Principal of Unison, Ryan Sayer, along with his wife, Kerrie, have been the sponsor of a less fortunate child from Kenya named Duncan. Throughout the years, they have gotten to know Duncan through several correspondences sent back and forth and have seen how much of an impact their donations have made to Duncan’s quality of life.

With East Africa as the destination for their honeymoon, they’ve planned to visit Kenya to finally meet Duncan in person and to ultimately present his small village of Soin a significant gift that will raise their quality of life.

In order to provide an impactful gift, such as a well for clean water, a schoolhouse, or a sanitation system, significant funds are needed. Instead of receiving personal gifts for the wedding, the Sayers will be accepting donations for this cause to benefit the people of Soin, Kenya.

With the help of donations, World Vision has been able to make significant and tangible contributions to the rural areas of Kenya. Within the past 3 years World Vision has been able to provide access to clean drinking water, provide more than 4 prenatal checkups for expecting mothers and as a result, bring down child mortality rates; these donations have the potential to change the lives of many individuals in need, so we ask that you consider joining us in donating to this cause.


Donations can be made securely at:

Charitable tax receipts are available upon donation.


Duncan back in 2012.

Most current photo of Duncan; 2015.


Update (25/07/16): We are proud to announce that the goal of raising $10,000 for Duncan's village has been met and exceeded! Currently at $13,000, the generosity of everyone involved has the team at Unison very grateful. Thank you once again, and we hope that this donation makes a meaningful impact for the village.